Level Up Your
Instagram for Growth

An E-Book for creative
entrepreneurs to learn more about
the power of how to grow on Instagram.



Are you tired of spending so much of your time on Instagram?
Do you feel like you spend so much time perfecting your content only to get crickets?

So, you are asking yourself at the end of the day “Why is no one engaging with my content?”

Do you feel like you are just posting and hoping somebody engages on your post?

You are so over the Instagram Algorithm too changing every other day. [Insert eye roll here]
Lately, you have been feeling stuck and uninspired to even show up.

Now, you’re feeling like is Instagram even the platform for you. 

I KNOW exactly how you feel! I have been right where you are feeling extremely overwhelmed and frustrated trying everything I knew to do to connect with my audience. It is kind of hard to keep showing up when you are not receiving the engagement you would like so you hang out in the Instagram shadows.

I tried so many things to get my post to perform well. I spent so many hours in engagement pods which left me feeling burned out and frustrated thinking that Instagram was not the platform for me.

What if I told you there are REAL strategies and tips that will help to increase your visibility and reach on Instagram. You need a REAL strategy that is sustainable for you.

Now, I have a strategy that works for me, so I do not have to be on Instagram all day long. I am excited to show up on Instagram because I know who my ideal audience is and how to connect with them in an authentic way. I feel like I have the clarity and confidence to show up differently because I know how the platform works.

That’s why I created the Level Up Your Instagram for Growth E-Book just for you…

An E-book tailored specifically for aspiring entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, bloggers, writers, artists, shop owners, creatives, and handmade businesses to jump start your business with the foundational tools you need to grow on Instagram.

Cities are definitely my thing.

i lived in london.

Can you tell?

i love black and white.

Here's what you will learn how to:

-Organically attract and connect with your ideal audience

-Craft the perfect Instagram Bio

-Produce authentic content that grows your brand

-Know what to post

-Increase your visibility and reach using hashtags

-Understand how the Instagram Algorithm really works

-Utilize tools within the app to show up confidently

-Use top strategies to increase your engagement


“I’m so thankful for the Instagram e-book created by Brittney! Her creativity, knowledge and tips around Instagram growth and understanding how to reach a target audience have been beyond helpful. I would recommend this e-book to anyone who is looking to expand their media footprint and reach more people online. It came at just the right time. Get yourself a copy!“


“Already started making changes on my account from reading the first few pages. I didn’t even know I had to make those changes. I brought the book to learn more about what to post, but this guide is so much more than expected.” 


Are you ready grow your following on Instagram?