4 DIY Brand Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

4 Common Mistakes People Make When DIYing Their Brand

Are you making these common DIY brand mistakes? I know in the beginning stages of running your business you have a million different hats you are wearing. So, branding your business may be the least of your worries but let me tell you it is very important. There are a few things you need to consider before DIYing your brand. Here are some common mistakes business owners make when DIYing their brand:


1. Focus so much on what you like an less about what your audience likes, needs, and wants. You are in business to solve a problem for your audience so what they need and want should be your primary focus. What problem can you help them solve right now in your zone of genius? More about them less about you.


2. Your brand doesn’t reflect your brand mission, personality, and values. It is okay to be inspired by others in your niche but it’s not okay to look exactly like them. What originality are you bringing to the table sis? You want your brand to reflect your personality, mission, and vision. How are you standing out instead of blending in?


3. No intention behind your brand or lack of. Building a brand takes time which also takes a lot of thought too. Just starting something because you see somebody else doing it is not a good enough reason. Take the time to think about who you want to serve. Your mission and goals for your brand.


4. Your brand lacks consistency and confuses people. What experience are you creating for your audience? When they land on your account nothing goes together. Your fonts and elements are not consistent so you lose their interest and they choose to work with someone else. You have to build on a solid foundation.

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Let me know in the comments do you think brand consistency is important?


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