4 Warning Signs It’s Time to Rebrand Yourself

4 Warning Signs It's Time To Rebrand Yourself

Hmmmm… do you know that feeling? That itch to change something about your branding. Something feels a little off and you can’t quite put your finger on it. It just doesn’t feel right somehow.

So, you question it.

Is it inconsistent?

Could it be better?

Is it the wrong style?

Is it really me?

Why am I not getting seen?

So how do you know when it is time to rebrand?

Here’s my top four tips for you to consider when you want to rebrand:

1. You should rebrand when you are updating your services or products to something totally different. Your brand is taking on a new direction and focus and your current branding does not fit into that direction.

2. You should rebrand when your mission and vision for your brand changes.

3. When you want to reach a different kind of customer that your current branding is just not speaking to.

4. When your brand needs to catch up with the market standards.

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