The Secret Formula To Writing Better Captions On Instagram

The Secret Formula To Writing Better Captions on Instagram

So, here you are sitting there starring at a blank screen thinking “oh no” I have no clue as to what I want to say in my caption. 🤔⠀
GIRLLLL…believe me I know! 🤦🏾‍♀️⠀
Now, you start scrolling through Instagram trying to find some good inspiration to get your thoughts going only to come to find out you just got on this 20 minute never-ending scrolling session and now you totally forgot what you were even doing in this hour.🤣⠀
Now, you’re saying to yourself, “I’ll just post tomorrow” and girl tomorrow roles around and you still haven’t posted what you had in mind. So, you never post. AM I RIGHT ABOUT IT? 💯⠀
Let me help you out sis! So here are some tips when writing your captions for Instagram ✍️ ⠀
✅You want bring some value when you post⠀
✅Pray about what God will have you to say
❌Stop with these one sentence posts ⠀
❌Stop with these pictures with no captions ⠀
It’s best if you don’t have anything valuable to say. Don’t say anything at all.⠀
Follow this acronym I made up the next time you start writing a caption for Instagram. 📝⠀
V- Is it Vulnerable?⠀
A- Is it Authentic?⠀
L- What Lesson Can We Learn?⠀
U- Is it Unique?⠀
E- Is it Engaging? ⠀
Be Vulnerable
Do not be afraid to show your emotions with your audience. Your followers will appreciate and connect with you so much more when you are not afraid to express how you feel. This is a good way to share your story. Your experience is what makes you YOU.
Be Authentic
What I often see online is a lot of accounts think they have to be like somebody else. Your followers did not follow your account for you to be like somebody else. They could of easily followed that person. The key is to be real and honest with your followers and do what feels right to you. Be authentic. Let your personality shine through your posts.
What Lesson Can We Learn?
Yes, there is something you know that your audience does not teach them something new. This helps build the know, like, and trust factor big time. Think on things that will be helpful to them. Shine as an expert in whatever you do well. Your audience will thank you for it.
Be Unique
One thing I do often is ask the Holy Spirit what would He like for me to share with my followers. When we ask God He really does come through and those are some of the best performing posts on my account. Stay true to you when you are posting. There were times when I would try to be like somebody else I admired online but I have learnt it is best to just be me. I would encourage you to do the same!

Be Engaging

In order to get engagement you have to be engaging. Remember that your account is not for you. It is for your audience. So post more of what your followers want to see. Ask them questions. When you open up they will open up as well. Be kind and engaging.
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