5 Ways To Overcome Challenging Oppositions When Pursuing Purpose

Hey sis, how do you stay focus on the task at hand when you are confronted with challenging oppositions? What happens when God gives you a vision of the work that needs to be done for His glory when you are currently being faced with challenging oppositions? How do you stay committed to the work that God is calling you to do?

Today, we will discuss 5 ways Nehemiah dealt with opposition, and what you can learn from his example.


When Nehemiah returned home he heard how the walls of Jerusalem were still torn down, and the gates were burned. This grieved Nehemiah about the condition of Jerusalem, but he did not wallow in grief. He responded by pouring his heart out to the God in fasting and prayer before the God of Heaven, and ultimately found ways to improve the situation. He put all his resources, experience, and organization into determining what should be done.

Pray about the vision God has given you, sis. When tragic news come to you do you pray first or do you complain? Prayer should be our first response not our last option. Prayer quiets our hearts to wait, slowing us down to hear and receive from God. Pray first before you move sis!


Nehemiah found favor with the Persian King Artaxerxes. From him, Nehemiah received not only permission to rebuild the wall, but also the resources and support for the work. Nehemiah was not ashamed to admit his fear, he did not allow fear to hold him back from doing what God called him to do. Nehemiah asked the King if he could go back home to rebuild the wall despite the fear.

Sis, God’s hand on your life is greater than fear. Is there something God has been gently asking you to do but fear is holding you back? You must call your fear out, and surrender it all to God. Sis, if He has called you to a task, He will help you accomplish it. Do not let fear stop you! Move forward in faith!


Three days after Nehemiah’s arrival at Jerusalem he went out at night only taking a few men with him. He told no one of his plans for Jerusalem that God had placed on his heart. He went out to look at the condition of Jerusalem at a time when he would not be distracted or receive unwanted advice by the people of the city. He evaluated the work he had to do at night.

God is showing you what you need to do sis. You just got to act on what He is calling you to do. He gave the vision to you, so it is up to you to solve that problem. Be swift to hear and slow to speak. Do not be so quick to speak about your plans until that appointed time. God will give you the right time to share your vision with others. Be Spirit led, sis!


Nehemiah told the people:
“You know the tragedy of our city; it lies in ruins and its gates are burned. Let us rebuild the wall of Jerusalem and rid ourselves of this disgrace!”

Then he told them the desire God had put into his heart, and now the Lord granted favor to him with the King. They replied at once, “Good! Let’s rebuild the wall!” so the work began. The people had a mind to work!

It is so important to surround yourself with like-minded people who believe the same way you believe. People who want to see your vision come to past, and will help you do it. The fact of the matter is you were not made to do it alone we need each other.
Who has God been laying on your heart to partner with in this season, sis?


When Sanballat, Tobiah, and Geshem the Arab heard of their plan, they scoffed and said,
“What are you doing, rebelling against the King like this?”

There will be naysayers, mockers, and scoffers you can look for them. I love Nehemiah’s confident response. He said,

“The God of Heaven will prosper us to rebuild this wall, and this matter is none of your business.”

Talk about GODFIDENCE! This sounds like a man who knows the power of his God! Sis, you must always have a Word for the enemy. The God of Heaven will prosper us! If God called you to it, He will see you through it no matter what the enemy tries to do to hinder it. Let the Word do the work! Do not even fret it, sis!

Tell me sis how have you handled challenging oppositions in the past while pursuing your God-given purpose?

  1. Karissa says:

    Brittney!! I absolutely love this! Like I said on insta, my husband and I have been talking about Nehemiah a lot lately and this post just confirms so much of what is happening in our life right now! Thanks so much for sharing! God is so good!

    • Brittney Campbell says:


      I am so overjoyed that this post was timely for you. I can see that God is doing so much through you and your ministry. Keep obeying His voice above all others!

  2. Suzette Smith says:

    I’v learned to attach my mind to words unknown to me, I’m intrigued with this passage of GODFIDENCE!!

    It’s our nature to give into fear, God tells us not to be afraid of the unknown, but to oppose it thru prayer.
    We must become prepared to always pray.
    I thank you for this message.

    • Brittney Campbell says:


      I could not agree more with your response! I am definitely learning to do this more and more! I thank God for how He is showing Himself mightily in this season despite opposition! Keep your focus sis!

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