How to Stay Hungry for God’s Presence

How to Stay Hungry for God's Presence


Do you have some questions about your life you have been asking God? Have they been burning in your heart lately? This questioning can only be quenched by His truth. Sis, everything we need for life is found in the pages of the scripture. God is so mindful of His daughters because He has given us a roadmap by which we can pattern our lives upon. His Word. His truth.

He has truly given unto us all things. He does not withhold anything back from us like a loving Father ready to bestow His gifts upon His children. He never stops pursuing us. How bad do we want more of His presence is the question? I have learned that my discipline in this season is paying off now, and it will continue in my next season. God wants to take us to another dimension in His glory. 2 Corinthians 3:18 KJV says, “But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.” We must go from glory to glory. Truly, there is nowhere to go but up. He desires that we look more like Him, act more like Him, and think more like Him which requires us to deny ourselves to be full of His power. In this season, it is going to take a lot more discipline and sacrifice to carry this anointing and power. I can hear the Spirit of the Lord say, “Stay hungry for more of Me.”

God truly desires that we stay hungry and thirsty for more of His presence. Do you want His presence bad enough, sis? He is calling His daughters into deeper fellowship with Him. He tells us we are blessed if we hunger and thirst after righteousness. If you are hungry in the natural you will do whatever it takes to get some food to satisfy your hunger or vice versa if you are thirsty you will do whatever it takes to get something to drink. God desires that we be that more hungry and thirsty for His Word. He is the only One that can fill us up and satisfy that longing in our heart and soul. I can remember so vividly a time when I was desperate for more of God’s Word like I have never been before. I just truly desired more of Him and no one else could do. That void in my heart could only be filled with His truth. The more I read the more I truly felt His amazing love. He loves when we spend time in His presence. I really did not have any biblical knowledge except what I had been taught by my parents which that was good but He was calling me to go deeper than that for myself. You know going off of what somebody else testimony of who God is not enough. My mom and dad could not do it for me. I had to make the choice for myself to spend time in His presence, and to learn more of Him for myself.

Acquaint means to make someone aware or familiar with. God desires that we get to know Him on a more personal level. We first have to birth a love of God in our hearts. God truly loves to be invited into our space. If you truly love God sis you will create an atmosphere and space for Him to come in. When we invite Him into our heart, He can fill us with His joy and peace. His peace truly surpasses all understanding. There can be chaos all around but His peace gives us joy in the midst of the storm. I remember when I was praying and seeking the Lord. I asked the Lord, “Show me that You are real. Teach me Your truth. Help me to understand what You are saying to me.” He did just that! He honors every good and righteous desire. I only knew what I had heard about God, but every day for an entire year I spent time in His Word desiring to understand His plan for my life. I did not understand everything I read, but the knowledge that I did gain was priceless and could never be taken from me. If you just take that one step. He will do the rest.

Father, show us who You are in Your precious Word. Help us to spend time in Your presence daily. We need more of your knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. Give us divine revelations of who You are and all that You desire for us to be. Help us, O God to truly receive Your Word, and lay Your Word in our hearts in Jesus name. Amen!

What are your favorite ways to spend time with the Father sis?

Love & blessings,



  1. This is so rich in truth and generous of His nature through you to give us this guidance. Thank you for putting all down in a doable way. To love God is to know Him. To KNOW God is to LOVE.

    • cbrittney1003 says:

      My pleasure sister Janelle!! You are such a precious jewel to the body of Christ. I just had to be obedient to His voice. It truly want us to draw closer to Him in this season. May His spirit continue to rest upon you!!

  2. Katie says:

    This was SO good for my heart to read today, Brittany. Thank you!

    • cbrittney1003 says:

      So happy this spoke to you sis! Thank you so much for reading, sister Katie! Continue to draw closer to Him more and more!

  3. Beautiful and authentic article Brittney! Thanks for sharing from your heart!

    Be You and Thrive

    • cbrittney1003 says:

      Thank you so much sweet sister!! I just love what God is doing in this season. He is drawing us closer to His heart!!

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