How to Praise God in Challenging Seasons

How to Praise God in Challenging Seasons

“I will praise thee with my whole heart:” –Psalms 138:1 (KJV)

Hi Royal Daughters! Have you ever just wanted a season to end? It probably was long and did not turn out the way you expected it. It may be easier to praise God when things are going good, but can He trust you to praise and worship Him in the process, sis? The process may not be easy, but there is purpose in it. You have to trust that God knows what He is doing in you. When you cannot see it or when you do not believe it. When you make the choice to praise and worship God in the midst of your situation God truly honors that. It truly is making you better, stronger, and wiser if you allow it to. Our Father is calling us into deeper waters in His presence. He will not let us drown. He seeks such to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. He does not desire halfhearted worship it must come from your whole heart. It just amazes me how we were created to worship our Father in such a way that brings Heaven to earth. Worship can change the whole atmosphere.


It truly shifts our focus off of our situation and allows our admiration and focus to be shifted to our Heavenly Father. He is so gracious towards His children. He gives His whole heart holding nothing back from us. It is not in His nature to withhold anything back from us. He requires just the same from us. We love Him because He first loved us. It is such a beautiful honor and privilege to give back to the Father with our life. He is such a good Father. He is the only one that can give a new heart. We are so blessed by the Holy Spirit to be able to experience God as our Father. We are truly His daughters, and there is no higher privilege we can have than to be able to praise and worship our Father as daughters of God. In this season, we must follow the Holy Spirit, Christ, and the Word of God wholeheartedly. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth; Christ is the Truth; and the Word of God is Truth. The Holy Spirit will never lead us in any way that is contrary to the Holy Scriptures. Sis, it is safe to follow the Holy Spirit and continue to praise God with your whole heart. . I have designed this Bible Verse Wallpaper just for you! Please share with a friend who needs this encouragement to continue to walk worthy of the calling that has been placed on their life.


Psalms 138 Bible Verse Wallpaper Background Lockscreen


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