How To Trust God To Protect You

How To Trust God To Protect You

“He shall cover you with His feathers, and under His wings shalt thou trust:”-Psalms 91:4

Hi Royal Daughter! What a mighty God we serve! His Heavenly hosts of angels surround us daily. God is such a faithful God. He is everything His Word says He is. You do not have to want for nothing. He supplies your every need. Even when it does not look good, God is yet working for your good.  He covers you with His amazing and steadfast love.

He has kept you from dangers seen and unseen. He was there when you were about to get in that accident. How you did not see but He seen it and keep you from getting hurt or even dying. He was there in those late midnight hours when you could not sleep because so much was on your heart. He was speaking to your heart saying, “Trust in Me, daughter. I have everything that you need.”

He was there when your heart was so torn in pieces over that person you put so much trust in and they left you feeling empty. He was there when you felt like you could not go on another day, and you called out to Him and He answered you.

Wow! He loves us so much! He has been there the entire time sister covering you with His feathers, so we must continue to trust in the God that loves us deeply. Believe in His Word wholeheartedly, not doubting at all. He is faithful to do His promises. He will hasten to perform His Word when we supply the faith. The enemy wants to steal your faith and have you trust in other things but you have to trust in God. He is the only one that can see you through any situation you may be going through. I pray that you will trust Him more and more every day. Feel free to print Psalms 91:4 Bible Verse Wallpaper below. I pray that you will download this file so you can you have a daily reminder that God is with you. God bless you, sis!

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